Letter from the IARPP Local Chapters Committee Co-chairs


By Chana Ullman (Israel) and Neil Altman (USA)

We are pleased to announce that beginning October 1st of this year Marianne Kennedy (Australia) and Steven Kuchuck (USA) will be replacing us as co-chairs of the Local Chapters Committee of IARPP. As we step aside and welcome in new leadership for the Local Chapters Committee, we are very pleased with how this committee has contributed to the development of IARPP.  In 2006 we were invited by Hazel Ipp, then president of IARPP, to establish this committee with the hope of broadening IARPP’s scope as an international organization.  Steadily over the next few years local chapters were established around the globe. Our international membership has grown tremendously, with active and vital participation at our conferences.

IARPP is today a truly international organization, our membership far-flung over four continents, as we carry forward a relatively new approach to psychoanalysis. Local chapters provide the opportunity for IARPP members to establish smaller, face-to-face communities, to supplement the larger communities that gather at conferences or in virtual space in online discussions, creating a sense of community with other therapists with a shared vision.

We believe IARPP needs to be strong at its center, while at the same time providing a focus for a relational community at the local level.  We now have nine active local chapters (Australia, Chile, Mexico, Greece, Israel, New Zealand, Portugal, Spain, and the UK), each built by IARPP members, attracting new members, and serving as a center of professional life for people who might otherwise feel isolated.  The Local Chapters Committee provides a sense of community for these local professional communities, allowing members in the local chapters to meet each other, share ideas and experiences and invite guest speakers to present, either virtually or in person.

The committee is comprised of the current chairs of local chapters, and provides the platform for communication, support, and strong international ties. The committee has a tradition of meeting in person at the annual IARPP conference, as well as online between meetings.  The Local Chapters Committee met at the recent Toronto conference, with representatives from five of the local committees present. Brief reports from the Toronto meeting follow this letter.

We wish to thank IARPP board for its continuous and generous support of our work. We also thank the members of the Local Chapters Committee. It has been a pleasure to get to know and work with them. We know we are leaving the committee in good hands as Steve Kuchuk and Marianne Kennedy assume leadership, and we look forward to seeing the committee’s further development.

Click here for local chapter reports

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