Body Dialects: Illuminating Mental Phenomena as Expressed in the Body

 Nitza Yarom (Israel)

NYaromBkCvrIn this book, three psychoanalytic dialects are specified and clinically demonstrated:  the drive body dialect, the dyadic body dialect and the inter-subjective/relational body dialect. These dialects  are presented as availing basic concepts of the major psychoanalytic orientations that illuminate psychic phenomena as expressed in the body. The involvement of the body in sexual expressions and fantasies is demonstrated as an extension of a matrix of hysteria. This book enables analysts and therapists to relate to and include the body phenomena in the analytic space by accepting the bodily presence of the two participants as a part and parcel of the analytic encounter – as an embodied self and process, which benefits the treatment and accommodates it to the contemporary life of flexibility, transparency and democratic exchanges. It is dedicated to Joyce McDougall, a mentor and friend of the author.

NYaromWritten in Hebrew, it is Yarom’s seventh book and the third on the inclusion of the body in the analytic process. The earlier two books: Body Narratives (Modan, 2010) and Matrix of Hysteria (Dvir, 2003) were also published in English (Routledge, 2005). Expected: Psychic Threats and Somatic Shelters: Attuning to the Body in Contemporary Psychoanalytic Dialogue (in press, Routledge).