Brave Heart Forgives with Music: Poem from Toronto Conference Closing Plenary

By Marianna Zeltser (USA)

During the closing plenary at the IARPP conference in Toronto, Marianna Zeltser shared a poem she had written in response to her experience at the conference.
It is presented here in its entirety:

Brave Heart Forgives with Music

I feel the sadness that filled my heart
From the place of freedom I have fallen
To a place where loneliness is my only friend and companion

What precipitated the loss?
Is this my familiar ground?
Why do I need to revisit the empty house of grief?
Have I created this space to reconnect through the painful sadness to my past?

It takes courage to forgive
To forever let go of what has been a bridge
Connecting you in pain to your frozen need
That fills the void with wild rage and urges you to strike
Because all you know is that it hurts like hell
And what you want is to break the cage and kill it off

Forgive it means to let it rest without pride for its success

Forgive and let it free your soul’s degrading quest
Forgive for All that meant to be
But failed once and once again

To let go with pure simple sense
It takes your soul a lifelong test

But your heart is brave, no matter what

In this loneliness I am looking for you
My friend, my partner, my true love
I remember the melody that touched my heart
And attempt to hear the sound resonate once again from my own heart

I touch the key of piano and soft, gentle energy emerges to meet me
I touch the keys again and again
Embracing, rediscovering and recreating the sound of hope
I am no longer alone
You are here with me my music of love

He who is not lonely is never loved
Only through the longing we create reality of our dreams
We test and compare
But true one is felt in every way

Forgive with grace
And let all that hurts forever free
With love you matter
So shine your faith

Noble and kind one is searching
But not knowing yet
That I exist within this transcendent truth
By simply being

Let your humble heart be free
Let go…let it go…let it be

Thank you

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