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Dear IARPP Community,

We are pleased once again to share the Bookshelf edition of the IARPP eNews with all of you.  In this issue we highlight the recent contributions to psychoanalytic scholarship made by members of our international community.

Our members have recently published a diverse array of books covering topics that include, among others, anguish, torture, fairy tales, dance, the Holocaust, and the interpersonal perspective, as well as a translation into Spanish of Daniel Stern’s classic text, The Present Moment in Psychotherapy and Everyday Life.

In addition, our members have published a number of book chapters and articles.  We would like to draw your attention in particular to Irit Felsen’s (USA) research with Dori Laub that culminated in two chapters in Laub and Hamburger’s important volume, Psychoanalysis and Holocaust Testimony:  Unwanted Memories of Social Trauma.

Finally, IARPP members are involved with numerous programs and presentations.  In particular, Billie Pivnick (USA) and Jane Hassinger (USA) are announcing an upcoming web seminar series geared toward psychoanalytic clinicians practicing in community-based settings.

See below for a detailed list of all articles in this issue of the IARPP Bookshelf.  We wish to congratulate our members on their accomplishments!  Also, please see below for information about submitting items to an upcoming issue of the IARPP Bookshelf or eNews.  The next deadline for submissions is October 31, 2017.


Christina Emanuel and Maria Tammone

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Book Announcements:


El enigma de la angustia:  Una conceptualización de la angustia desde el vértice relacional, by Juan José Martínez Ibáñez (Spain)  (click here to go to article)


The Interpersonal Perspective in Psychoanalysis, 1960s-1990s: Rethinking Transference and Countertransference, by Donnel Stern (USA) and Irwin Hirsch (USA)



lucicoverimage0817wTorture, Psychoanalysis and Human Rights, by Monica Luci (Italy)
(click here to go to article)




El espacio hermenéutico:  Comprensión y espacialidad en la psicoterapia analítica intersubjective, by André Sassenfeld (Chile) (click here to go to article)



El momento presente:  Psicoterapia y la vida cotidiana: Presentación del Libro de Daniel N. Stern en español, Spanish language translation by André Sassenfeld (Chile) (click here to go to article)



Not in My Family:  German Memory and Responsibility After the Holocaust, by Roger Frie (Canada) (click here to go to article)



Fairy Tales and the Social Unconscious: The Hidden Language, by Haim Weinberg (USA) (click here to go to article)


The Social Unconscious in Persons, Groups, and Societies Volume 3: The Foundation Matrix Extended and Re-configured
, by Haim Weinberg (USA)
(click here to go to article)


Uncovering the Resilient Core:  A Workbook on the Treatment of Narcissistic Defenses, Shame, and Emerging Authenticity,
by Patricia Gianotti (USA) and Jack Danielian (USA) (click here to go to article)


Book Chapters and Articles:


Psychoanalysis and Holocaust Testimony:  Unwanted Memories of Social Trauma, by Irit Felsen (USA) (click here to go to article)



Relational Dance Movement Psychotherapy: A New Old Idea, by Sissy Lykou (UK)
(click here to go to article)





Courageous Drawings of Vigilant Ambiguities, by Noreen O’Connor (UK)
(click here to go to article)


Two Article Announcements by Billie Pivnick (USA) (click here to go to article)

Presentations and Program Announcements:

Announcing the Second Annual “Collaboratory” for Psychoanalytically-Oriented Clinicians and Mental Health Practitioners in Community Settings by Billie Pivnick (USA) and Jane Hassinger (USA)
(click here to go to article)

In the Dance Between Therapist and Client:  Aesthetic and Phenomenological Diagnosis in Gestalt Therapy, by Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb (Italy) (click here to go to article)

Re-making the History of Psychology and Psychoanalysis: Awakening the Political in the Consulting Room, by Ruth Lijtmaer (USA) (click here to go to article)

Submissions to the Bookshelf

We invite all IARPP members to submit announcement of their publications and presentations.  Our next deadline for submissions will be October 31, 2017.
 Please read below for instructions to submit pieces for future editions of the Bookshelf and eNews.

When submitting articles to the Bookshelf, please include the following:

1.  The title of your book, article, or presentation
2.  A brief description of the content, such as an abstract
3.  A link to a publisher if there is one
4.  Artwork or a photo of the book cover if applicable
5.  For presentations, please spell out all acronyms and include the location
6.  A photograph of yourself in jpeg format
7.  Your professional contact information for our readers as you would like it to appear publicly

Please send all submissions to Maria Tammone: irene97[at]
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