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Dear IARPP Bookshelf Readers,

Welcome to the IARPP Bookshelf section of the eNews. The Bookshelf celebrates the creative contributions that IARPP writers, researchers, and thinkers are making to the field of relational psychoanalysis.  In this edition we also feature in depth interviews with two authors, Phil Ringstrom and Paul Wachtel, discussing their recent books.

As the new co-editors of the Bookshelf and eNews, we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank our two outgoing editors, Sally Rudoy (USA) and Sharon Ziv Beiman (Israel), for their outstanding work and leadership.  Sally and Sharon have been the co-editors of the eNews and Bookshelf for several years.  They have generously shown us the ropes, preparing us now to take on this challenge ourselves.  Thank you, Sally and Sharon!  We would also like to acknowledge the unflagging support and assistance of Valerie Ghent and Elisa Zazzera, our IARPP administrators.  They’re the ones who make the Bookshelf and eNews look great, putting in much behind the scenes work in creating these publications.

We hope you enjoy this edition of the Bookshelf.  Our next deadline for submissions will be January 23, 2015.
 Please read below for instructions to submit pieces for future editions of the Bookshelf and eNews.


Christina and Maria

When submitting articles to the Bookshelf, please include the following:

1.  The title of your book, article, or presentation
2.  A brief description of the content, if you would like
3.  A link to a publisher if there is one
4.  For presentations, please spell out all acronyms and include the location
5.  Artwork or a photo of the book cover if applicable
6.  A photograph of yourself in jpeg format
7.  Your professional contact information for our readers as you would like it to appear publicly
Please send all submissions to Maria Tammone:
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