From the Editors

Sally Rudoy

Sally Rudoy

Sharon Ziv Beiman

Sharon Ziv Beiman

Dear Fellow IARPP Members,

The countdown begins to our next conference in Santiago, Chile November 7-10.  The deadline for early registration has been extended to September 6.  Connect to the conference website directly from the eNEWS for all the details.  We look forward to meeting you for our first ever bilingual event.

We continue the tradition of reporting on our chapters’ activities.  We welcome Greece as the newest chapter to join the IARPP community and an Australian colleague puts out an international call for papers for a new journal on psychotherapy.

Rounding out this issue are reports on a special trip to Greece, our upcoming online colloquiacandidates’ webinar, a conference in New York as well as a reflection on the state of the psychoanalytic field.

As always, IARPP president, Susi Federici-Nebiossi brings us up to date on IARPP business, goals, and conferences into the future.

Please be sure to read the important information relevant to all members in our announcement section.

The deadline for our next eNEWS is November 23.  Before submitting materials, kindly follow each of  the directions below.  With best wishes to all.

Nos vemos en Santiago!*

Sally and Sharon

*We will see each other in Santiago


Submissions or Letters to the Editors
Please contact Sally Rudoy or Sharon Ziv-Beiman by November 23, 2013 or


1) Send us your full name and contact information including: Email, local address and phone number.

2) Send us a digital photograph of yourself.

3) Your announcement or article in full sentences.  Please submit in English and in your native language if you desire.

4) If you want to link to some other website, please include that link in the body of your article.