IARPP Members’ Listserv

 Posting Recommendations

As our organization grows in membership we increasingly value the IARPP Members’ Listserv as an effective way to communicate with our colleagues around the world. The listserv is designed for members to announce book releases, presentations, calls for papers for conferences, and to share anything else of professional interest to our international community, including referral requests.

We would like to highlight a few posting tips and recommendations.
In general:

– The most effective posts are brief and clear, with short paragraphs and care taken to avoid ambiguity. This is particularly relevant when considering that IARPP members are from over 40 countries, and for many English is not their first language.

– As we are an international organization, remember to spell out acronyms and give locations. For example, when writing about a presentation at NIP, use the complete name, National Institute for the Psychotherapies, and include that it is located in New York.

– Include your name and location when posting.

– Due to requirements for non-commercial use of the listserv, please remove all pricing information when announcing conferences, and instead write something such as: “for registration contact: (link) or (email).” 

– Consider anything posted to the listserv to be potentially public.

– Please do not forward posts to non-IARPP members or quote any post without the explicit consent of the writer.

When making referral requests:

– include the location of the referral you are seeking in the subject line of your post

– include your email address within the body of the email and a sentence such as “please contact me off-list at ______”  

– take care to protect patient confidentiality, giving as little information as possible to convey the situation.

Read the complete guidelines HERE. (add link)

If you have any questions about the guidelines or how to use the listserv, or if you wish to report a problem, please contact the IARPP Office at +1.212.669.6123 or email Elisa Zazzera at ezazzera@iarpp.net.