From the Editors

Sally Rudoy

Sally Rudoy

Sharon Ziv Beiman

Sharon Ziv Beiman

Dear IARPP Members,

What a pleasure to report to you on a number of  IARPP “Firsts” in the eNews!

We are writing you under the banner of the new IARPP logo designed by Yuko Uchikawa. It is the first of changes to come to our whole website.  For the first time we have embedded a translation feature for our readers so that you can translate the English from the eNews to your native language. (Translator is in upper right of web page next to search window) In another first, you will find a letter from our new incoming president, Susanna Federici-Nebbiossi, who presents a roadmap for IARPP during her tenure.

In a groundbreaking first, our next IARPP conference in Chile, November 7-10, will be our first in South America and our first bi-lingual conference conducted in both Spanish and English.  We hope you will join your IARPP colleagues and come to Santiago during the lovely Chilean springtime.

In another first, we present a detailed look at the fascinating structure of the recent “Multiple Spheres of Engagement”  conference held January 10-11 in Tel Aviv, Israel.  The planners of the conference took a bold step in the design of the two day event. Employing in depth learning and discussion circles, the organizers shattered the traditional format of presenter/expert speaking in front of a passive audience.  Embracing the spirit of relational mutuality, the form and content of this gathering could serve as a model for future relational conferences.

You’ll read about IARPP member, Jack Drescher’s  participation in the first ever UN discussion on the international health and policy consequences of sexual orientation change called, “Selling the Promise of Change.

As always you will see how IARPP’s international reach continues to grow.  From Portugal to Chile, From Italyto Alaska we hear from therapists and theorists around the globe who are extending and enriching relational psychoanalytic thought.  You’ll also discover what rich educational opportunities our colloquiumwebinar, andcandidates committee members are planning for all of us.

Take a moment to try the suggestions in Suzi Naiburg’s recent column for writers, Write On!  She shows you how to delve into the countertransference to capture preverbal experience in the verbal with “Mood Music.”

We hope you will delight in all the firsts and in all the on-going that come with the IARPP community.  We thank all our members for their contribution to the eNews and their extensive and dedicated involvement to IARPP.


Sally and Sharon

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