New IARPP Committee Off to an Auspicious Start: Report from the Committee for Child, Adolescent, and Parent Psychotherapy

By Ann Marie Sacramone (USA)

In 2015 the IARPP board inaugurated the Committee for Child, Adolescent, and Parent Psychotherapy. Susi Federici (Italy) and Ann Marie Sacramone (USA) serve as co-chairs of this committee. The members include Fabia Banella (Italy), Esther Bamberger (Israel), Marco Bernabei (Italy), Raimundo Guerra (Spain), Amy Joelson (USA), Frances LaBarre (USA), Macarena Lopez Magnasco (Chile), and Aleksandra Misiolek (Spain).

For one of its first projects, this new committee is offering a pre-conference program at the upcoming IARPP conference in Rome, entitled “Forms of Vitality at Play Between Children, Adolescents, Parents, and Therapists.” Through a variety of lenses the program presenters will creatively examine forms of vitality in interactional development. These lenses include the actual lens of the video camera, as well as the lenses of children’s movement, dance and music, and relational patterns. Clinical material demonstrated via video will show us moments of child and adolescent development as they are created in real time.

There is no cost to attend this pre-conference program for IARPP conference participants. We hope that our members will join us for our new committee’s first endeavor. This is also the first time that a pre-conference workshop centered on child, adolescent, and parent psychotherapy has been offered at the IARPP annual conference. It is an auspicious beginning that we wish to share with the IARPP community. And we are looking forward to much, much more in the future!

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