News from the Colloquium Committee

By Steven Knoblauch (USA) and Alejandro Ávila Espada (Spain)
Co-chairs of the IARPP Colloquium Series

As our IARPP members probably know, our May colloquium entitled “I Am Yourself: Subjectivity and the Collective” has recently concluded. The colloquium centered on Eyal Rozmarin’s (USA) paper of the same name, first published in Psychoanalytic Dialogues in 2009. In this colloquium a multitude of participants discussed the unconscious yet decisive role that social and political forces play in our lives, as illustrated in the context of an analytic relationship between two Israelis that Eyal describes in his paper.

Panelists for this colloquium included Julia Beltsiou (USA), Jeanne Wolff Bernstein (Austria), Irene Cairo (USA), Victor Doñas (Chile), Sam Gerson (USA), Orna Guralnik (USA), Uri Hadar (Israel), Lama Khouri (USA), Daniel Kupermann (Brazil), Ariel Liberman (Spain),  and Michel Sebek (Czech Republic).

In the next issue of the eNews we will include a discussion of this colloquium, as well as announcement of upcoming programs.

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