Online Lecture: Sexual Boundary Transgressions: How Do They Happen?

Andrea Celenza (USA)
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This is a one and a half-hour video-recorded powerpoint lecture on the problem of sexual boundary violations. It is a distillate of my teaching on this subject and is aimed at mental health practitioners of all disciplines. It is the perfect addition to any Ethics Course and/or can be viewed by a single individual. Approval for continuing education credit is in progress.

This online lecture covers:

  • Prevalence
  • Precursors
  • Risk factors
  • Harmful Effects
  • Supervisory Red Flags
  • Prevention

ACelenzaBookJacket_DSC_8156-EditDespite the high prevalence and widespread concern among therapists, patients, and the public at large, the problem of sexual boundary violations is not well understood. Several misconceptions hinder therapists’ ability to recognize and address risk factors and vulnerabilities that otherwise might facilitate prevention. This video-recorded lecture provides professionals with guidance on how to understand the problem of sexual misconduct including precursors, risk factors, supervisory concerns, psychodynamic underpinnings, preventative methods, and rehabilitation efforts.

This online lecture is the perfect addition to an Ethics seminar for trainees and candidates aspiring to become psychotherapy practitioners of all types and disciplines.  It is necessary for undergraduate and graduate students, including professors and educators of psychotherapy.  It is also a necessary addition for Ethics Committees or other adjudicative bodies that need to understand the problem of sexual boundary transgressions in order to make their determinations and develop preventative programs.

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