Psychoanalysis and Complexity

Gabriele Lenti (Italy)

GLentiBkPic9781629483184wwwGabriele Lenti’s new book is a rich and articulate discussion of the controversial relationship between the cognitive method of the human sciences and the method related to the natural sciences.  Psychoanalysis has always been out of step with science in the epistemological field and constantly is in search of an organic relationship to it.  Complexity means something different to psychoanalysts and to those studying the natural sciences, though it provides a common key to understanding processes present in both fields.  The book is written for psychoanalysts, researchers in the field of psychology and psychoanalysis, science philosophers, and epistemologists.


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lentiphoto1014wwwGabriele Lenti was born in Alessandria, Italy, in 1963.  He lives and works in Genova.  He is a clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, and researcher, as well as a member of SIPRe (Società Italiana Psicoanalisi della Relazione), IFPS (International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies), and IARPP (The International Association for Relational Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy).

He is the author of numerous publications on professional journals and has written three books in Italian :

• Al di là del principio di entropia. Alcune considerazioni su psicoanalisi e complessità, (Beyond the principle of entropy. Some Considerations about Psychoanalysis and Complexity), Armando, Roma, 2005.

• Gli incerti percorsi della conoscenza, Redancia, (The uncertain paths of knowledge), collected works, Savona, 2007.

• Complessità per una psicoanalisi futura, (Complexity for a future psychoanalysis), which is going to be  published by Armando Roma.

Lenti has given dozens of scientific lectures on psychology, psychoanalysis, and complexity at several universities, Italian psychoanalytic centers, and international congresses.  He presented a paper to the IFPS International Congress in Mexico City (October, 2012),  given video-conferences in Tehran (October 2013-February 2014) at the Tehran Psychoanalytic Society, and has given a lecture at the IFPS International Forum in Kaunas (September 2014).

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