Psychoanalytic Review Special Issue: French Psychoanalysis.

Journal Announcement by Edward Emery (USA)

psychreview2wThe Psychoanalytic Review is pleased to announce the October 2015 Special Issue devoted to French Psychoanalysis.

Papers include a case study of child analysis from an evolved Lacanian perspective (Annie C. Rogers), two papers on André Green’s work with narcissistic and borderline patients (Mike Eigen and Gail S. Reed), a paper on Didier Anzieu’s concept of skin ego and its application in working with mothers and babies (Christine Anzieu-Premmereur), an analysis of the concept and history of après coup which has been focal in French psychoanalytic thinking and is central in a developed psychoanalytic understanding of trauma (Jonathan House and Julie Slotnick), an interview with Jean Laplanche, a paper on Laplanche’s thought – “Jean Laplanche’s Masochism” (Nick Ray), and finally a paper on the introjective function of dreaming and its implications for psychoanalytic technique (Jean-Marc Dupeu) which appears here in English for the first time.

Introducing this Special Issue is a brief essay by Edward Emery,  “Locations and Dislocations: Psychoanalysis in France”

Copies may be ordered from Guilford Press (Email Jody Falco or call (800)-365-7006 ext. 1).
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