Quantum Psychoanalysis: Essays on Physics, Mind, and Analysis Today

By Gerald J. Gargiulo (USA)

gargiulocoverimage1116wThe initial articles in this volume are an introduction to some basic quantum mechanics metaphors, with a discussion of how they can deepen our appreciation and understanding of clinical practice. The goal is to ground contemporary psychoanalysis within a scientific framework that supports and illustrates its principles. These essays are non-technical and do not assume any prior knowledge of physics. Consciousness and what is referred to as “the unconscious” are discussed, with a focus on resolving the bifurcation that classical psychoanalytic theory suggests. Other essays discuss such topics as mind, the concept of “I,” as well as spirituality and psychoanalysis.  The final section offers reflections on the state of psychoanalytic therapy today.

Published by the International Psychoanalytic Press, 2016.

Link:  http://www.ipbooks.net/allbooks/quantum-psychoanalysis-by-gerald-gargiulo

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