Report from the Webinar Committee

By Allison Katz (USA) and André Sassenfeld (Chile)
Co-chairs, Webinar Committee

2016 has been an exciting year for our Web Seminars.  Our most recent program ran from October 17 to 31, 2016, and was lead by Margaret Crastnopol (USA). The webinar was entitled “Micro-traumatic Experience: Identifying and Healing its Cumulative Toxic Effects.”  The conversation was challenging and lively, with approximately 100 participants from all over the world.

2017 is shaping up to be another year of rich programs lead by some of the most exciting thinkers in our field. Starting with the Candidates’ webinar from January 16 through February 5, Sandra Buechler (USA) will lead candidates and recent graduates in a discussion entitled “Thinking, Feeling, and Relating.  Readings will include chapters from Buechler’s book Making a Difference in Patients’ Lives: Emotional Experience in the Therapeutic Setting (Routledge, 2008).

For a description of this webinar, see the Candidates’ Committee update.

From ‪February 4 through 19, 2017, Donna Orange (USA) will lead a webinar entitled, “My Other’s Keeper: Radical Ethics and the Fear of Masochism.”   Shortly thereafter, Shelly Itzowitz (USA) and Elizabeth Howell (USA) will lead a program from March 6 through 19, 2017,‪ based on their recent book, The Dissociative Mind in Psychoanalysis.

From March 27 through April 9, we will conduct a webinar in Italian entitled “The Supervision Experience.” Several Italian panelists, including Susanna Federici, Gianni Nebbiosi, Paolo Stramba-Badiale, Maria Silvia Soriato, and Arcangela Derosa will present. Each faculty member will offer ideas about the supervisory process, combining his or her own experiences with an historical/theoretical perspective, beginning with Ferenczi through to the present day.

We look forward to another great year of webinars with participants from all over the world!

For any questions about these upcoming events, please contact us; our email addresses are linked below.

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