Colloquium 14

"The Trauma of Morality"

Title/Paper: "A Crisis in the Subjectivity of the Analyst: The Trauma of Morality" by GIllian Straker; "By Way of Conclusion" from Franz Fanon's famous book "Black Skin, White Masks".
Author: Gillian Straker; Franz Fanon
Dates: Monday, May 11 - Sunday, May 24 , 2009

Eyal Rozmarin, Ph.D. and Katie Gentile, Ph.D.


Abdel Hamid Afana, Neil Altman, Rise Becker, Farhad Dalal, Muriel Dimen, Sue Grand, Uri Hadar, Kimberlyn Leary, Fathima Moosa, Gillian Straker, Nina Thomas, Chana Ullman

The colloquium will center around two texts: an essay by Gillian Straker titled “A Crisis in the Subjectivity of the Analyst: The Trauma of Morality“, and an excerpt titled “By Way of Conclusion” from Franz Fanon’s famous book “Black Skin, White Masks“.

Gillian’s Straker’s essay addresses the complexity of her work with a young man who in his struggle for freedom from apartheid in South Africa, reports acts of great violence. Much has been written about Fanon, who in the excerpt we will feature in this colloquium as in his work in general, contemplates the very tents of subjectivity and intersubjective relations in the context of colonial and other forms of political power.

We have assembled for the purpose of this colloquium an interdisciplinary group of practitioners and thinkers to discuss Straker’s and Fanon’s texts, and to help facilitate an exchange about the possible positions, responsibilities and dilemmas faced by clinicians who work and think in the context of social/political tensions and outright violent struggles.

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