Webinar 2015: January 12-February 1 – For Candidates

Dates: January 12 – February 1, 2015
Title: “Knowing the Unconscious From the Inside Out and From the Outside In”

Led by Paul Wachtel
Moderated by John Skrovan

Articles: (will be sent to all registrants)

  •  Knowing Oneself from the Inside Out, Knowing Oneself from the Outside In: The “Inner” and “Outer” Worlds and Their Link Through Action
  •  Anxiety, Consciousness, and Self-Acceptance: Placing the Idea of Making the Unconscious Conscious in an Integrative Framework


About this Seminar: Paul Wachtel describes his aim and focus in the colloquium as follows:

I am particularly interested in having a discussion about contextualizing the unconscious — in the sense that instead of thinking of its contents as just stored inside the person’s head, frozen in time from childhood and cut off from the influence of new experiences, I think of the unconscious as the product of a continuing back and forth between on the one hand what the person thinks and feels and how he/she perceives the world and on the other the consequences of acting upon those thoughts and feelings.  I see the unconscious, affect-laden mental structures and inclinations as fully dynamic, in the sense that they change and respond to new experiences even as they also create those experiences.  Tracing that dynamic and reciprocal interplay and thinking about how not only to describe it but also to change its trajectory is at the heart of my thinking both theoretically and clinically.  I am eager to see where that fits with the views the participating candidates bring and where it differs.  In the process, I hope both your views and my own change a bit.


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