IARPP Announcements

IARPP 2013 Conference
Early Registration deadline Extended

Earlly registration rates are extended through September 6th.

Registration & More Information here: https://www.iarpp2013.cl/ingles/inscripciones.html
GMail Tabs Alert
New tabs ‘feature’ may hide emails to you from IARPP.

If you are are a Gmail user NOTE:

– Gmail “Tabs” places email announcements from IARPP into a new, non-primary window called “Promotions”.

– Emails from the IARPP Members-List and IARPP Colloquium List are placed into a different window called “Forums”.

If you have Gmail Tabs set to “On” you may miss important IARPP email announcements about colloquia, seminars, conferences, membership renewals and other announcements. 

Here are two ways of being sure you do not miss important email announcements from IARPP:

A) Turn the new Gmail Tabs system off. 
Here’s how:

  1. Go to Settings (the little wheel on the upper right of your gmail screen) and click “configure inbox.”
  2. Uncheck the new tabs.
  3. Click “Save.”

B) Direct emails from IARPP to your Primary Tab. 

With Gmail Tabs on: to ensure you see IARPP emails, you can teach Gmail to place IARPP emails in your Primary inbox (ie where they used to go automatically).

Here’s how:

  1. Go to “Promotions” Tab.
  2. Select an email announcement from IARPP.
  3. Drag IARPP email from “Promotions” to “Primary” Tab.
  4. Click “Yes” when prompted: “Do this for future messages from announce@iarpp.net?”

IARPP’s main form of communication to our members is via email. We want to ensure you receive the information we send, which includes information about your IARPP membership and all the benefits of IARPP membership.

We thank you for taking the time to ensure you receive email from IARPP!
2013Santiago E-List
IARPP Member’s Listserv dedicated to communication about 2013 Conference in Santiago Chile

We’ve created a listserv e-mail list to connect IARPP members who will be or are considering attending IARPP 2013 Conference in Santiago Chile. If you would like to be on this list please send an email tooffice@iarpp.net asking to join ‘2013Santiago’.
IARPP Upcoming Online Seminars

• January 2014: Candidates Seminar | Donnell Stern (Tentative. Awaiting confirmation)

• February 2014: Barry Magid and Estelle Shane on Self Psychology’s role in the relational world today.  Roberto d’Angelo will be moderatin.

• March 29 – April 9, 2014: Steve Kuchuck will be presenting from his new book on how the personal effects the development of the psychoanalytic professional.
Submissions or Letters to the Editors
Please contact Sally Rudoy or Sharon Ziv-Beiman by November 23, 2013

sallyrudoy@gmail.com or sharon@sadenet.co.il


1) Send us your full name and contact information including: Email, local address and phone number

2) Send us a digital photograph of yourself

3) Your announcement or article in full sentences.  Please submit in English and in your native language if you desire.

4) If you want to link to some other website, please include that link in the body of your article.
Future IARPP Conference Schedule

June 2015 – Toronto, Canada
May/June 2016 – Rome, Italy
May/June 2017 – Sydney, Australia