IARPP Online Colloquium

September 23 – October 6, 2013
“The Meanings and Uses of Countertransference: 
South American Contributions to Contemporary Psychoanalysis”
IARPP Colloquium Committee Co-Chairs: Galit Atlas & Steve Kuchuck

Galit-AtlasskuchuckNWe are excited to announce that the next IARPP online colloquium, “The Meanings and Uses of Countertransference: South American Contributions to Contemporary Psychoanalysis” based on Heinrich Racker’s “The Meanings and Uses of Countertransference” (Psychoanalytic Quarterly 26:3 (1957), 303-357), will be held from Monday, September 23rd through Sunday, October 6th 2013. Racker was among the first to explore the therapeutic uses of countertransference. During his relatively brief life, he became an important contributor to the field, and a tremendous influence on contemporary psychotherapists and psychoanalysts throughout the world. It is our hope that by revisiting his best known and probably most influential paper, we will initiate a discussion that examines some of the overlap and differences in theory and clinical work between generations, schools of thoughts, and cultures. This is a conversation that is, in various ways, just beginning to appear in the literature, and one that will no doubt transfer from our online forum to Santiago when IARPP convenes its next international conference in November of this year.

As usual, we will open the colloquium with 2-3 days of discussion amongst an international panel of psychoanalytic scholars representing a wide range of perspectives on these subjects. In this initial phase, the panelists will be responding to Racker’s paper and to each other’s comments about the paper and related themes. We will then open the floor to the entire community for continued discussion with all who care to respond and/or follow along. Joining us on the panel will be Tony Bass, Sharon Ziv- Beiman, Jessica Benjamin, Lisa Cataldo, Steven Tumblin, Beatriz de León de Bernardi, Steven Knoblauch, Stephen Seligman, Felipe Muller, and Frank Summers.

We look forward to a meaningful and engaging online conversation and hope that all of you will participate. So that those of you who want to prepare ahead of time can do so, we will send the reading to the entire IARPP community about a week before our September 23rd start date.

Galit Atlas and Steven Kuchuck
Co-Chairs and Moderators, IARPP Colloquium