Membership Committee News

By Sharon Ziv-Beiman (Israel) and Tony Bass (USA),
Co-chairs, Membership Committee

Over the past few months the IARPP Membership Committee has begun its activities. The committee members include Alejandro Ávila Espada (Spain), Tony Bass (USA, Co-chair), Peggy Crastnopol (USA), Roberto D’Angelo (Australia), Denise Goldfajn (Brazil), Carmine Schettini (Italy), and Sharon Ziv-Beiman (Israel, Co-chair).

With the goal of better serving our organization’s members, The Membership Committee is focusing its efforts on several projects. First, we are working on a membership survey to assess the needs of our members around the world. We are also reaching out to those who have not renewed their membership. To support our outreach we are also working to increase IARPP’s social media presence.

Another goal of our committee is to produce professional events for relational groups around the globe, including examining the needs and opportunities for online teaching (via Skype or other platforms) by relational scholars. As part of our desire to increase the inclusion of our members for whom English is not their first language, we are supporting the implementation of a multi-lingual policy for IARPP activities, such as promoting the translation of relational psychoanalytic texts and offering simultaneous translation at our conferences

We look forward to updating the IARPP membership about our progress, and very much welcome any suggestions, ideas, and requests from our international community.


Tony, Sharon, Alejandro, Peggy, Roberto, Denise, and Carmine

Sharon ZivBeiman

Sharon Ziv-Beiman, PhD



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