Report from the Colloquium Committee

By Steven Knoblauch (USA) and Alejandro Ávila Espada (Spain),
Co-chairs of the IARPP Colloquium Series

Steven Knoblauch

Steven Knoblauch

Alejandro Ávila Espada

Alejandro Ávila Espada

Colloquium #25

This Fall IARPP presented its 25th colloquium entitled Relational Freedom and Therapeutic Action.  The colloquium featured the recent paper by the same name authored by Donnel Stern.  In the paper Stern offered his most recent vision for how  to understand therapeutic action based on ideas about unformulated experience, novelty, courting surprise and relational curiosity. The colloquium was moderated by Alejandro Ávila Espada (Spain) and Steven Knoblauch (USA). The colloquium began on Monday, November 10, 2014, at 9:00 a.m. New York time and continued through Sunday, November 23, 2014, noon New York time.

A lively exchange with Stern was initiated in the opening days of the event involving an international panel consisting of Susi Federici-Nebbiosi (Italy), Jack Foehl (USA), Orna Guralnik (USA), Rina Lazar (Israel), Felipe Muller (Argentina), Tessa Phillips (Australia), Paul Renn (Great Britain), and Cleonie White (USA). Following this initial set of exchanges, 91 additional IARPP members participated in a lively exploration of many themes contained in and suggested by the text. All told, the event offered 392 different posts from members across 11 different countries, including Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Israel, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Announcing Colloquium #26

We are looking forward to the upcoming 26th colloquium entitled The Body as Experience, The Body as Experiencer: A Multi-Perspectival Conversation. This colloquium is scheduled for Monday, May 11, 2015, through Sunday, May 24, 2015. The colloquium will be moderated by Alejandro Ávila Espada (Spain) and Daniel Shaw (USA). It will feature a paper by Steven Knoblauch entitled Contextualizing Attunement Within The Polyrhythmic Weave: The Psychoanalytic Samba.

Once again, an international panel is assembled, including Asaf Rolef Ben-Shahar (Israel), Bill Cornell (USA), Augusto Escribens (Peru), Katie Gentile (USA), Gianni Nebbiosi (Italy), Andre Sassenfeld (Chile), Sue Shapiro (USA), Jon Sletvold (Norway), and Sally Swartz (South Africa). We invite all IARPP members to follow and contribute to this unique gathering of minds and perspectives in the spring.

Beginning earlier in papers, and particularly with his 2000 book, The Musical Edge of Therapeutic Dialogue (The Analytic Press), Steven Knoblauch has been developing an original approach for expanding the analyst’s attention working with embodied registrations in the psychoanalytic encounter. Building on his experience performing in a variety of musical idioms and a range of theoretical contributions, the paper being considered in this colloquium offers a unique perspective for the way cross-modal rhythms in the analytic interaction carry emotional significance for the patient’s suffering, strain toward growth, and particularly her/his, and additionally, the analyst’s experiences of relational patterning in treatment.

With an international panel taking the lead, we will continue expanding our sense of analytic attention in treatment as we take up similarities and differences, opportunities and constraints, in Knoblauch’s vision. We hope to compare his ideas to others emerging both from within and from outside the relational tradition. We anticipate a confluence of voices, some new and some familiar, carrying our explorations and considerations forward as we gather, once again, to listen and speak with each other in the virtual electronic space/time of the IARPP colloquium.

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