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By Allison Katz (USA) and Carmine Schettini (Italy),
Co-chairs, Webinar Committee

In June of 2017 we welcomed a new co-chair and board liaison, IARPP member Carmine Schettini (Italy), to join co-chair Allison Katz (USA) in leading our Webinar Committee. Carmine succeeded André Sassenfeld (Chile), whose tenure as co-chair ended in June.  In addition to the two of us, our committee includes Christina Emanuel (USA), Amanda Kottler (South Africa), Susanna Federici-Nebbiosi (Italy), Ilene Philipson (USA), John Skrovan (USA), and Micha Weiss (Israel). We are pleased that André will remain on the committee as well, and we very much wish to thank him for his valuable work as co-chair during the past three years. Carmine has stepped right in as we continue with plans for the remainder of 2017.

In October the Child, Adolescent, and Parent Psychotherapy Committee will offer a webinar entitled “The Therapist’s Experience as Parent: The Complex Interaction Between Parent Process and Clinical Work.” The faculty will include Steven Tuber (USA), Leslie Gibson (USA), Jacqueline Gotthold (USA), Frances La Barre (USA), Neil Altman (USA), and Macarena Lopez Magnasco (Chile). The event will be moderated by Marco Bernabei (Italy) and Aleksandra Misiolek (Spain). For more information click here.

We will end 2017 with a webinar running from December 4 to December 17, that will be based on a new book by IARPP members Sue Grand (USA) and Jill Salberg (USA) entitled Wounds of History: Repair and Resilience in the Trans-Generational Transmission of Trauma (Routledge, 2017). Amanda Kottler will moderate the program with both Sue Grand and Jill Salberg serving as faculty.

We are currently in the stages of planning a diverse schedule of seminars for 2018.  We will begin with the Candidates’ Webinar in January, led by Jody Messler Davies (USA). After that, we have scheduled a program from March 5-18, based on the book Contemporary Psychoanalysis and The Legacy of the Third Reich (Routledge, 2014).  We are fortunate to have the author, Emily Kuriloff (USA), serving as faculty for this webinar, with Christina Emanuel moderating.

Additional webinar programming will be announced later this year. We are once again looking forward to a robust season of webinars with participants from all over the world.

For any questions about upcoming events, please contact us.

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