The Mother-Infant Interaction Picture Book: Origins of Attachment

By Beatrice Beebe (USA)

beebecoverart0616FwUsing video microanalysis—which captures moment-to-moment sequences of interactions—internationally renowned researcher Beatrice Beebe and her colleagues have turned their lens on the most primary of relationships, mother and infant. This process becomes a “social microscope,” enabling readers to see subtle details of interactions that are too rapid and complex to grasp in real time with the naked eye, interactions that can be used to predict a range of future attachment styles.




The Mother-Infant Interaction Picture Book (Norton, 2016) and its accompanying DVD will enable researchers, clinicians, and students to translate infants’ nonverbal language and provide a unique and rare window into child development.  The authors include Beatrice Beebe (Columbia University Medical Center) along with Phyllis Cohen and Frank Lachmann. Illustrations are by Dillon Yothers.





Frank Lachmann


Phyllis Cohen






“This unique book and accompanying video will be an invaluable training tool for those working in a range of mental health professions from adult psychotherapy to early childhood practitioners. Extensively cited and hugely influential in psychoanalytic and developmental psychology research circles, core elements of this vital work are now being made available to the world. What a gift!”

– Miriam Steele, Professor and Director of Clinical Training,
the New School for Social Research, New York



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