The Social Unconscious in Persons, Groups, and Societies Volume 3: The Foundation Matrix Extended and Re-configured

Book Announcement by Haim Weinberg (USA)

weinbergcoverimage0817socialwAltIn this book, co-edited by Earl Hopper and Haim Weinberg (Karnac, 2017), the contributing authors develop the theory of the tripartite matrix, consider music as a form of non-verbal communication and a sub-dimension of the matrix, and present empirical studies of the matrices of peoples in three societies in the Middle East. The first volume of this series addressed the group analytic theory of the social unconscious, attempting to clarify the definition of the concept itself; indicating some of its main elements; and comparing it to the Jungian collective unconscious, the Morenoian co-unconscious, and the study of the link and the bond by Pichon-Rivière (Hopper & Weinberg, 2011). The second volume considered the socio-cultural transmission of myths, and presented several empirical studies of the foundation matrices of contemporary societies, emphasizing the importance of social trauma and its continuing consequences (Hopper & Weinberg, 2016). The study of these three volumes will provide an appreciation of the depth and breadth of this field of inquiry, which is at the very heart of the project of Group Analysis.


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