Truth Matters: Theory and Practice in Psychoanalysis

By Shlomit Yadlin-Gadot (Israel)

yadlingadotcoverart0616wIn Truth Matters: Theory and Practice in Psychoanalysis (Brill, 2016), Shlomit Yadlin-Gadot offers an original understanding of subjectivity as it evolves through the dynamic tensions between different truths that inhabit and structure the psyche. Drawing philosophical investigation into psychoanalytic theory, the clinical endeavor is articulated in terms of unveiling these truths and realizing the multi-faceted nature of human experience. Yadlin-Gadot develops the notion of truth axes in order to relate these truths to basic human needs, to developmental challenges, to alternating self-states, and to unconscious processes. These theoretical insights are explained in detailed clinical vignettes and enrich psychoanalytic practice with innovative technique. Writes Yadlin-Gadot, “I have been doing psychoanalytic psychotherapy for over twenty years and have always felt that theory lags behind clinical practice. In this book, I have tried to catch up with theory and have been thrilled to discover that when theory is taken seriously, it helps promote practice over and beyond experience.”

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Shlomit Yadlin-Gadot, PhD
Bar Ilan University
Tel Aviv University
The Tel Aviv Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis
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