By Billie Pivnick (USA)

Pivnick, B.A. (2017). Creative Analysis: Art, Creativity, and Clinical Process by George Hagman.  The Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 86, 2, 508-13.


* * *

Pivnick, B.A. (2017).  Encountering Chance. Psychoanalytic Perspectives, 14, 2, 258-60.



pivnickphoto0215wBillie A. Pivnick, PhD

Clinical Psychologist
• Co-Chair, Humanities and Psychoanalysis Committee, Division 39, APA
• Faculty, New Directions Program in Writing with a Psychoanalytic Edge, Washington Center for Psychoanalysis, Washington, DC
• Faculty and Supervisor, William Alanson White Institute,  Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Training Program


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