Enews Current Issue


Bookshelf Special Edition - March 2015

Featured in this issue:

Carlos Rodríguez Sutil
Irwin Hirsch
Suzi Naiburg

From the Editors

Christina Emanuel and Maria Tammone

Becoming a Clinical Psychologist: Personal Stories of Doctoral Training

Danielle Knafo

Structure and Spontaneity in Clinical Prose: A Writer’s Guide for Psychoanalysts and Psychotherapists

Suzi Naiburg

The Interpersonal Tradition: The Origins of Psychoanalytic Subjectivity

Irwin Hirsch

Psychic Threats and Somatic Shelters: Attuning to the Body in Contemporary Psychoanalytic Dialogue

Nitza Yarom

Intensive Psychotherapy for Persistent Dissociative Processes: The Fear of Feeling Real

Richard Chefetz

Psicopatología Psicoanalítica Relacional. La persona en relación y sus problemas (with English translation)

Carlos Rodríguez Sutil


Thomas Greenspon, Danielle Knafo, Carol Levin, Billie Pivnick, Thomas Rosbrow, Penelope Starr-Karlin


Danielle Knafo, Penelope Starr-Karlin, Richard Raubolt


Billie Pivnick, Lewis Barth, Hannah Hahn

Two Honors for Danielle Knafo

The 2015 Barbro Sandin Award and The 2014 CORST Prize