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Volume 13, Number 3 - November 2014

Featured in this issue:

November 10-23
Toronto, Canada, 25–28 June

From the Editors

Maria Tammone, Christina Emanuel

Letter from the IARPP President

Susanna Federici-Nebbiosi

IARPP 2015 Conference

The Relational Pulse:
 Controversies, Caricatures, and Clinical Wisdom

Psycho-Political IARPP Online Discussion Or “Why War?”

Rina Lazar

IARPP Fall Colloquium 2014

“Relational Freedom and Therapeutic Action”

Upcoming Webinar: Psicoterapia, Psicoanálisis, y Psicoanálisis Relacional (Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, and Relational Psychoanalysis)

Allison Katz and André Sassenfeld

All About the IARPP Candidates’ Committee

Alioscia Boschiroli and Hilary Offman, Co-chairs Candidates Committee

IARPP Members’ Listserv

Posting Recommendations

News from IARPP Chapters

Greece •• Israel •• Mexico •• Aotearoa/New Zealand •• Portugal •• Spain •• United Kingdom

IARPP Member Interviews

Phil Ringstom & Paul Wachtel

Film Review

The Sessions, Reviewed by Susan L. Orbach