Enews Current Issue


Volume 14, Number 3 - December 2015

Featured in this issue:

Alejandra Plaza
Susanna Federici-Nebbiosi, IARPP President 2013-2015

From the Editors

Maria Tammone, Christina Emanuel

Letter from IARPP President

Susanna Federici-Nebbiosi

An Appreciation of Susi

Hazel Ipp, Steven Knoblauch, Maria Tammone, Anthony Bass, Philip Ringstrom

Reflections on the 6th IARPP-Spain Conference

Raimundo Guerra

Member in the Spotlight

An Interview with Alejandra Plaza, Chair of IARPP-Mexico Chapter

News from Local Chapters

Australia, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand

Reflections on the 38th Self Psychology Conference

Daniel Goldin

A Little Like Jazz: Reflections on the Bowlby Centre Conference

Kate Brown

Call for IARPP Board of Directors Nominations

Susanna Federici, Chana Ullman

Update from the Webinar Committee

Allison Katz, André Sassenfeld

Report from the Colloquium Committee

Steven Knoblauch, Alejandro Ávila-Espada

Call for Candidate Conference Panel Proposals

Hilary Offman, María José Mezzera

Announcing the Candidates’ Webinar with Irwin Z. Hoffman

Hilary Offman, María José Mezzera