IARPP Members’ Listserv Overview

The purpose of the IARPP Members’ Listserv is for IARPP members to communicate with one another on issues of professional concern. As an international organization we encourage all members to post announcements of international relevance.

Therefore we welcome:

  1. Book releases/book announcements of IARPP members
  2. Presentations by IARPP members in programs within but particularly outside their country of residence
  3. Academic and scientific articles of interest to the international membership
  4. Call for papers for international or local conferences
  5. Educational events for an international or local audience
  6. Conference announcements for an international or local audience
  7. Referral requests – using the following format:

*Please note: In order to protect confidentiality, please keep potential descriptions to a minimum. Every effort should be made to disguise a referral’s identity.

Subject header: include “Seeking Referral” (or something to that effect) and Referral Location
Referral Request must include:

  • Brief description
  • Sentence which states “Please send replies directly to me at… email@address” (or something to that effect)
  • Name of person making the request

Please note: Responses to referral requests should be sent directly to the person making the request. Responses sent to the listserv will be returned to sender.

We will not post announcements:

  • That are not of professional concern
  • Concerning private practice topics such as office space, personal seminars or study groups
  • Announcements of any events where dates conflict with the IARPP conference

And finally, to maintain an open avenue of communication on the IARPP listserv yet not overstuff the list, institutions are limited to posting two events per month. Each event may be listed twice.

As a general guideline, we request that members limit their total number of all posts to 3 per month.


Our listserv facilitators retain discretionary authority to limit use of the listserv if these guidelines are not followed.

Thank you in advance for your contributions!

IARPP Board of Directors

IARPP Members’ Listserv Instructions, Etiquette & Disclaimer:

IARPP Members Listserv:

The IARPP Members Listserv is a moderated listserv for IARPP members to communicate with one another. As the list is moderated there may be a delay between your sending a message and it being posted.

To Send a Message:
a) Type or Paste IARPP-MEMBERS-LIST@listserv.iarpp.net in the “to” field of your email. NOTE: Only listserv members can post to the list.
b) Confirm Your Message: To confirm your message, simply click the link in the automated response.

Why confirm? Once you send your message, you will receive an automated email asking you to confirm your message. This confirmation step ensures that each message was sent intentionally and that you wish to distribute your message to the larger group (i.e.: you didn’t press ‘send’ accidentally). To Unsubscribe:

You may remove yourself from the listserv at any time.
a) Send a blank email to IARPP-MEMBERS-LIST-UNSUBSCRIBE-REQUEST@listserv.iarpp.net with “REMOVE” in the subject header – or –
b) Contact the IARPP Office at +1.212.669.6123 or email Elisa Zazzera ezazzera@iarpp.net.

To make a Referral Request:

IARPP members are welcome to use the listserv when seeking referrals. When making a referral request, make sure to include your own email address and a sentence such as “Please reply directly to….” or “Please reply off-list” within the body of your message. This is to ensure replies are sent promptly to the person requesting the referral. The subject line of the referral request should be as descriptive as possible, i.e. ‘Seeking referral for Social Worker in Dallas’.

  • Subject header: include “Seeking Referral” (or something to that effect) and location of referral
  • Body of message: Brief description, contact email address and a sentence which states “please send replies directly to me at… youremailaddress@here ” (or something similar)
  • Name of person making the request

Responses to referral requests should be sent directly to the person making the request. Responses sent to the listserv will be returned to sender.

Attachments are not permitted:

Any message with an attachment will not go through, nor will you receive a confirmation request. The reason for not having attachments on the listserv is to prevent the spread of email viruses.

To Reply to a Message to the entire list:

To comment or add to a thread, press reply. Your email will go to the entire listserv. You will be asked to confirm your message. Once confirmed your message will be sent to the moderators.

To Send a Private Message or Reply to Referral Request or Similar Inquiry:

Either 1) start a new message to that person or 2) make sure you have replaced the listserv address with the address of the specific person you intend to write to. Otherwise your private message will go to the entire listserv. This is where the “Confirm” function is very handy. If you accidentally send a private message to the listserv, simply do not confirm it when you receive the confirmation email. Instead, resend your message to the person you intended to contact.

To Access the IARPP Membership Listserv Archive:

To access the archive go to http://LISTSERV.IARPP.NET/archives/IARPP-MEMBERS-LIST.html

You will first need to create a password. On the archive login screen, click on ‘get a new LISTSERV password’. Fill in your email address and desired password and click on ‘Register Password’. LISTSERV will then send you an email asking you to confirm that you want to set a password for yourself. Follow the instructions in that email and you should then be able to log in using your email address and password.

The searchable IARPP Membership Listserv Archive will be updated on an ongoing basis (new messages are added as they are processed), so if you miss a few postings or accidentally delete them, you can access all postings here.

To Send Suggestions or Report a Problem:

If you have any suggestions, questions, would like to report an error, or if you experience any problems with other members on the list, please contact the IARPP Office at +1.212.669.6123 or email Elisa Zazzera at ezazzera@iarpp.net.

Tips for effective listserv posting:

  1. For maximum effectiveness, make the subject line of your posting clear, concise and specific.
  2. Brevity is appreciated in online postings! Use short paragraphs and bullets for quick skimming. Extra white space between paragraphs makes for easier reading.
  3. If you are replying to a previous email, quote only the section to which you are replying and delete the rest.
  4. Sign your name at the bottom of your posting and include contact information or at least the city and country you are in. IARPP members are from over 25 countries! One benefit of participating in the listserv is connecting with the international community of IARPP members.
  5. Please send courtesy responses (e.g. “thank you”, “congratulations”) and personal replies to the sender only.
  6. Please do not forward jokes, chain letters or other non-related messages to the listserv.
  7. Attachments are not permitted on the listserv. Members may request that documents or files be sent to them personally.
  8. Before sending, please do re-read your posting and check for any obvious typos, spelling errors, or ambiguities. Remember that as a global community that is required to communicate in English, we need to give special care that our communications are clear and “user-friendly.”
  9. Online experience has suggested that messages in ALL CAPITALS can be experienced as “shouting” on email and can have the unintended effect of annoying readers.

IARPP Members’ Listserv Ethics & Online Etiquette:

Although the members listserv is ‘private’ in the sense that participation is limited to IARPP members, you should consider anything you write and post here as basically ‘public’. We all know that the Internet cannot be assumed to be privacy secure.

Therefore, presentation or discussion of extensive clinical material, or an identifiable reference to an individual in a treatment context, is not permitted! Referral requests should be kept to the minimal descriptive information, in general terms, necessary for a referral.

In addition, all written material posted to the listserv belongs to the person who authored those words. You may NOT use or quote anything posted on the IARPP members’ listserv in any form for any reason without obtaining the specific written consent of the person who wrote the message.

We hope that these guidelines and conditions provide for a smoothly functioning, useful, and vibrant forum for reaching each other.

IARPP Members’ Listserv Original Guidelines:

The following original guidelines and disclaimer pertain to all listserv members and have been approved by the IARPP Board of Directors.

To help ensure that the IARPP listserv remains a useful communication tool for you and other members, please remember:

  • The IARPP members listserv is designed for informational, educational, and professional purposes.
  • All written material belongs to the author. You may NOT use or quote outside the listserv anything posted on the IARPP listserv without obtaining written permission of the author.
  • Listserv members who post derogatory, inflammatory, or profane messages are subject to removal from the listserv.
  • Listserv members must not knowingly post or transmit any information or software which contains a virus, trojan horse, worm, or other harmful component.
  • The IARPP reserves the right to delete any posted message it considers inappropriate.
  • There may be no commercial use of the IARPP Listserv, with the exception of announcements for conferences, other educational events, or the publication of new books.

IARPP Members’ Listserv Disclaimer:


The IARPP developed and sponsors this forum. It is a private forum for the use of IARPP members and may be used only with IARPP’s permission in accordance with the terms set forth below.

By use of this list, participants agree:

  • Information obtained through the list is not to be construed as professional advice, legal or otherwise, from IARPP.
  • Information obtained through this list does not necessarily represent the views, position, endorsement or policy of the IARPP.
  • No part of this listserv may be reproduced, used for mailing list preparation or promotional mailings, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means (electronic, mechanical photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without prior written permission of IARPP.
  • The forum will not be used for improper, offensive, or illegal purposes or in a manner that violates each member’s professional code of ethics.
  • To indemnify, defend, and hold harmless IARPP and its directors, officers, members, employees and agents against all loss, expense, damage, including attorney fees and related costs, litigation and threatened litigation arising out of or related to the participant’s use of the forum.
  • Improper conduct on IARPP’s listserv may result in disciplinary measures including loss of access to the forum and an action to terminate said participant’s IARPP membership.