About the IARPP Webinar Series:

The IARPP web seminar series is a benefit of IARPP membership. Webinars are structured, listserv-based discussions which take place via email. The first webinar is free of charge; additional webinars have a nominal registration fee of $10.00. IARPP webinars are limited to 75 participants to allow greater opportunity for personal contact and open exchange among participants, along with facilitating a sense of shared participation and joint activity.

Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis, so we encourage you to register early as webinars fill up within a very short time period (1-2 days). Registration information is sent to all IARPP members via email approximately two weeks before the start, so make sure to look for the annnouncement in your inbox!

2016 Webinar Committee Co-Chairs: André Sassenfeld (Chile), Allison Katz (USA)

IARPP Web Seminars:


  • Late Sept/early Oct: Webinar in Italian
    Faculty TBD
    Moderator : Carmine Schettini
  • July Webinar in Spanish

    Faculty: Carlos Rodriguez Sutil
    Moderator: Andre Sassenfeld
  • March 5th-18th: Working Title: “Contemporary Psychoanalysis and The Legacy of the Third Reich.”
    Faculty: Emily Kuriloff
    Moderator: Christina Emanuel
  • January 15-February 4 2018: Candidates’ Webinar Love and Hate in the Analytic Relationship
    Faculty: Jody Messler Davies


  • December 4-17: Working Title: “Wounds of History: Repair and Resilience in the Trans-Generational Transmission of Trauma.”
    Faculty: Sue Grand and Jill Salberg
    Moderator: Amanda Kottler
  • October 2-15: (Child-Adolescent and Parents Psychotherapy Committee Webinar)
    Title: The Therapist Experience as Parent: The Complex Interaction Between Parent Process and Clinical Work.
    Faculty: Steve Tuber, Leslie Gibson, Jacqueline Gotthold, Francis La Barre, Macarena Lopez Magnasco, Neil Altman

    Moderator: Marco Bernabei and Aleksandra Misiolek

    March 27 -April 9:  L’esperienza della Supervisione  [conducted in Italian]
    Panelists: Arcangela Derosa, Valentina Desideri, Susanna Federici, Giuseppe Magistrale, Gianni Nebbiosi, Maria Silvia Soriato, Paolo Stramba-Badiale
    Moderator: Carmine Schettini

  • March 6-19 – Based on: The Dissociative Mind in Psychoanalysis: Understanding and Working With Trauma
    Faculty: Shelly Itzkowitz and Elizabeth Howell
  • February 4-19  – Faculty: Donna Orange. Moderator: André Sassenfeld
  • January 16- February 5 Candidates Webinar
    Thinking, Feeling and Relating
    Facutly: Sandra Buechler. Moderator: John Skrovan


  • October 17-31 – Title Micro-traumatic Experience: Identifying and Healing its Cumulative Toxic Effects
    Faculty: Margaret Cranstnopol
  • February 15-28 – The Birth of Intersubjectivity: Psychoanalysis and Infant Research
    Faculty: Massimo Ammaniti
    Moderator: Maria Tammone and Carmine Schettini
    This webinar will be conducted in Italian
  • February 1-14 – Somatic Experience in Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy
    Faculty: William Cornell
    Moderator: Eyal Rozmarin
  • January 11 – 31 – Irwin Hoffman leads the Candidates Webinar: Dialectical Constructivism


  • December 1 – 15:  Jon Sletvold, The Embodied Analyst
    Moderator: TBA
  • October 12 – 25: Daniel Shaw, From Subjugation to Emancipation: Leaving the Relational System of the Traumatizing Narcissist
    Moderators: Carmine Schettini and Matt Aibel
  • March 10 – 30: Child and Adolescent Webinar: Intergenerational Attachment Patterns and the Responses of Child Therapists in the Presence of Societal Trauma
    Guest Faculty: Katherine Frost, Martha Bragin, Judy Roth, Esther Cohen, Stuart Twemlow
    Moderator: Ann Marie Sacramone
  • January 12 – February 1: Paul Wachtel leads the Candidates Webinar: Knowing the Unconscious From the Inside Out and From the Outside In
    Moderator: John Skrovan


  • December 1 – 15: Carlos Rodríguez Sutil – Psicoterapia, Psicoanálisis y Psicoanálisis Relacional. This web seminar will be conducted in Spanish.
    Moderators: André Sassenfeld, Carlos Rodríguez Sutil
  • March 24 – April 6: Steve Kuchuck presents from his new book on how the personal affects the development of the psychoanalytic professional.
    Guest Faculty: Galit Atlas, Sally Bjorklund, Hillary Grill, Irwin Hirsch, Joyce Slochower
    Moderator: Rachel Sopher
  • February 24 – March 9: Barry Magid and Estelle Shane – What Self Psychology and Relationality Can Learn From Each Other
    Moderator: Roberto d’Angelo
  • January 6 – 24: Candidates Seminar with Donnell Stern
    Moderator: John Skrovan


  • July 8 – 26: Juan Francisco Jordan, Current Debates in Latin American Psychoanalysis: Contextualizing Our 2013 Annual Conference
  • June 3 – 21: Larry Zelnick and Brenda Lepisto, Children, Adolescents, Technology and Psychotherapy
    Moderator: Laurel Silber
  • April 3 – 21: André Sassenfeld J., Relational Trauma, Affect Regulation, and The Analytic Relationship // Trauma Relacional, Regulación Afectiva y Relación Analítica
    This webinar will be conducted in Spanish.
  • February 19 – March 8: Steven Stern, Positivity in Psychoanalysis
    Moderator: Joye Weisel-Bath
  • January 4 – January 28: Candidates Seminar with Phil Ringstrom – Improvisation in Psychoanalytic Treatment
    Moderator: John Skrovan


  • October 29 – November 18: Lew Aron, Karen Starr – The Ego and The Yid: Psychoanalysis, Jewishness and Antisemitism
    Moderator: Ilene Philipson
  • June 6 – 30: Darlene Ehrenberg – The Awakening of Desire: On the Analyst’s Emotional Availability and Therapeutic Action
    Moderator: Christina Emanuel
  • March 12 – April 6: Irwin Hirsch – Coasting in The Countertransference: The Problem of The Analyst’s Economic Needs
    Moderator:  Elizabeth Corpt
  • January 17 – February 12: Suzi Naiburg – The Poetry of What We Do and the Playground of Clinical Prose: A Writing Workshop
    Moderator: Joye Weisel-Barth


  • October 24 – November 20: Irwin Hoffman – A Hermeneutic/Constructivist View in Psychoanalysis: Existential, Sociopolitical, and Clinical Contexts
    Guest faculty panel: Neil Altman, Phil Cushman, Lynne Layton, Allan Scholom, Mal Slavin, Donnel Stern, Jennifer Tolleson, Gary Walls, Seth Warren, Ann D’ercole
    Moderator: Ilene Philipson
  • September 5 – 28: Candidates Seminar with Hazel Ipp and Margaret Black
  • April 4 – 29: Robert Galatzer-Levy – Good Vibrations: A Non-Linear Model of Psychoanalytic Action
    Moderator: Micha Weiss
  • January 17 – February 11: George Silbershatz – Is There a Role For Psychotherapy Research in Relational Psychoanalysis
    Moderator: Rolf Holmqvist


  • November 1- 24: Emmanuel Levinas and the Curvature of Intersubjective Space
    Faculty: Donna Orange
    Moderator: Amanda Kottler
  • September 27 – October 22: Candidates’ Seminar
    Faculty: Lew Aron
    Moderator: Ilene Philipson
  • June 1 – 25: Relational Psychoanalysis and the Environment: A Dialogue
    Faculty: Susan Bodnar
  • April 5 – 30: New Approaches to Couple and Family Therapy from an Integrative Perspective
    Faculty: Mary-Joan Gerson
    Moderator: Ann Baranowski
  • March 1 – 26: The Hormonal Body and its Impact on the Psyche: An Historical and Clinical Perspective
    Faculty: Sue Kolod
    Moderator: John Skrovan
  • February 1 – 26: The Role of Parent Work in Child Therapy
    Faculty: Neil Altman, Elsa First, Pasqual Pantone and Linda Jacobs
    Moderator: Ester Bamberger
  • January 4 – 29: The Clinical Implications of Attachment Theory Research
    Faculty: David Wallin
    Discussant: Lew Aron
    Moderator: Margy Sperry

IARPP Web Seminar Co Chairs 2011-2014: Ilene Philipson, John Skrovan.
IARPP Web Seminar Chair 2002-2010: Jeremy Safran